What BASDA members say

MyDigital Accounts

“We have joined BASDA because we want to formally engage with HMRC (as part of a body rather than as an individual company) on the application of new legislation in the Temporary labour market. Too often legislation is drafted without properly considering the practical implications and this creates complexity, difficulty and, in many cases, tax loopholes. Our intention is to embrace HMRC’s initiatives and make implementation simpler for the users of our software.”

John Whelan of My Digital Accounts

Xero logo

‘The main driver for joining BASDA was to contribute, be involved, influence and keep up to date with all the legislative and technical changes that could affect Xero customers in any way.’

Marcus Pinny, Business Analyst, Xero

The Access Group

‘Keeping ahead of legislation and it’s interpretation is a significant challenge for all software vendors. BASDA enables us to have influence on legislation as it emerges, with engagement at the highest level. We also have the benefit of being able to work collectively with other BASDA members on interpretation of regulation – which saves us many days per year.’

Kevin Misselbrook, Customer Services Director, Access UK

Caliq Software

‘Through the Financials Interest Group, BASDA has done a great job for the business software community affected by changes to VAT legislation.’

Tony Reynolds, Managing Director, Caliq Software Limited


‘Through networking with BASDA members, we have developed a number of relationships that provide genuine value to our own business, one of which enabled us to significantly increase our revenue by whitelabelling our software.’

Peter Prater, Managing Director, Qtac Solutions Ltd


‘Participation in the Marketing Interest Group workshops has proved significantly valuable to us. The expert advice given and knowledge gained have already enabled us to identify several areas capable of immediate improvement and provided guidelines for its achievement. The exchange of detailed information and opinions with other participants, both in open session and in private conversation, has proved particularly helpful.’

Chris Hensher, Managing Director, Exportmaster Systems Ltd


‘BASDA continues to help Sage in a number of areas, not just in existing product & service development but also in some business development. Here follow two examples of such:’

‘Through the mobile record keeping app initiative that BASDA lead with HMRC, we have already attracted thousands of new customers to Sage with an additional bonus in that there were no marketing costs. The promotion was undertaken by HMRC, as this formed part of their educational strategy to improve understanding and adoption of good business practices by micro businesses – leading to improved comprehension and compliance of their tax duties.’

‘BASDA’s intervention in RTI (Real Time Information for PAYE) and their subsequent, proposed ‘Interim Solution’ (as adopted by HMRC) clearly saved Sage (and the industry, no doubt) considerable sums of money along (for Sage’s range of Payroll & HR solutions) with notable reduction of risk (both technical and commercial) for it was a much simpler implementation – specifically the connectivity – as it harnessed the existing Government Gateway (albeit slightly modified.

Should we of had to implement HMRC’s planned solution (via BACS with an all new payroll payment structure), this would have taken considerable more R&D, QA, Support and commercial involvement along with increasing operational costs plus introduced further risks around the payments responsibilities.’

Kevin Hart, Strategic Alliances Manager, Sage UK & Ireland

Causeway logo

‘Causeway values its membership of BASDA for the support it provides in collectively addressing the issues and opportunities we face in running our business.

The Interest Groups allow us to work collectively on subjects of general interest and to make progress well in excess of that we could achieve on our own.

The Annual Summit provides a chance to interface with industry leaders and remain “up to speed” on emerging activities, from government to technology.

Specific projects, such as forming a task group to address Patents which may impact on our solutions and commercial operations, deliver considerable savings when compared with the cost of taking action as an individual company. One such project recently saved several BASDA members many times our annual fee through shared legal costs alone .. before considering the impact of not having taken action.’

Tim Cole, Director, Causeway