B2B Marketing

Aims and Objectives

The Marketing Interest Group has been working to provide BASDA members with B2B marketing ideas, information and updates since 2004. Originally set up in the spirit of BASDA to aid the collaboration of business software suppliers in their influence and buying power with industry suppliers, the Marketing Interest Group is now also a place where new ideas and marketing information is shared. The Marketing Interest Group also takes issues identified in other BASDA Interest Groups and looks at the implications for Marketing. This is one of the few forums specifically focused on B2B marketing. Events additionally facilitate personal networking between like-minded professionals.

Marketing Interest Group engages with:

Suppliers to the business software industry. It also approaches experts, agencies, suppliers, lecturers and other organisations on behalf of BASDA members. The aim is to share knowledge and understanding of the latest Marketing ideas that are applicable in the B2B environment and specifically to the business software industry.

Who should get involved?

Any BASDA member can get involved with the Marketing Interest Group – whether they are a large organisation with a fully staffed marketing department or smaller organisations where marketing is the responsibility of a director or single individual. The subjects covered and suppliers we invite to speak cover the range of BASDA members’ interests.

Current Agenda and Successes

Events receive excellent attendance and feedback from members. The Interest Group agendas continue to cover all aspects of the marketing mix, looking at how technology developments, legal and economic factors influence the most effective blend of elements for B2B marketers and how this continues to evolve. Recent topics covered include online marketing, Green marketing and social responsibility, PR, data requirements, use of video, telemarketing, content management and social media.

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