SIG: Payments & Finance

SIG Chairperson

The Interim Chairperson for the Payments & Finance SIG is Kevin Hart, who is also the Chairperson of BASDA.

Aims & Objectives

Our objective is to inform and educate on the best-in-class payment infrastructure and standards for the benefit of our members and their customers.  We will do this by maintaining close links and an understanding of national and international payments systems, Open Banking and Open Finance, all current and planned services and accompanying strategies, and wherever possible, influence the direction of travel and implementation of policy.



Educating on Common Standards and new Infrastructure


Influencing Policy Implementation


Providing Guidance to Members


Providing Latest Industry Information

Who should get involved

All software developers that facilitate payments should get involved in this SIG to ensure they are represented and their challenges help to influence the requirements and legislation being introduced. The SIG provides the opportunities to help influence decision making and implementation, in addition to providing foresight and product planning information vital for development road maps.

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