Accountants in Practice

The Accountants in Practice Interest Group is chaired by Steve Checkley, Commercial Director of Acorah Software Products Ltd (Taxcalc)

The Accountants in Practice Interest Group (AiP) is designed to bring together software developers, accountants and accountancy bodies, and representatives from the regulatory bodies such as HM Revenue & Customs, HM Cabinet Office, Companies House and even Members of Parliament themselves.

Meeting quarterly, AiP discusses matters affecting the software products that firms of accountants use and, by extension, their clients. At each meeting we aim to invite a member from the regulatory bodies to present on future plans and to provide a channel to give feedback and engage on the various matters arising.

Being part of AiP provides an early introduction to matters in the regulatory and compliance environment, many of which have serious strategic impacts upon software developers, their customers and their customers’ clients.

To date, AiP has raised issues on the following:


To get involved with the Accountants in Practice group, contact Lynne Wallis