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Many organisations will make a significant investment when purchasing new business software but may not fully understand what is actually right for their business.

Our suite of best practice Guides is available to help businesses make the right purchasing decision by providing a straight forward and structured approach to the software selection process – with guides ranging from the most simple to the most complex business needs and sizes.

BASDA members have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in developing and providing business software.

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Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Have you fully embraced accessibility and inclusive design within your software products and digital assets such as your website? This guide is for commercial and technical owners giving guidance and support as to the steps required to understand and implement accessibility and inclusive design across your business.

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Selecting Business Software Guide

This Guide offers straight forward advice and best practices ensuring the most efficient purchasing processes and methods are used across a diverse range of systems from Apps through Cloud-based and On-premise solutions. Its content will be relevant for of all sizes of business from start-ups, to large public sector organisations.

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Selecting Business Software for Small Business Success

Specifically written with start-ups and small businesses in mind, this guide offers independent, ‘no jargon’ guidance on how to best use your scarce resources to not only support growth plans but meet statutory requirements, whilst not draining internal resources.

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Top 10 things to consider when entering awards

It’s great to have your successes and those of your customers recognised by winning prestigious industry awards – but choosing which categories to enter and preparing vote-winning submissions requires skill and hard work.

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Top 10 Things to Consider when Purchasing Accounting Software

This guide focuses on Accounting Software providing guidance for Financial Directors and their team of the key things to think through when purchasing new accounting software.

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Top 10 Tips for Purchasing Payroll Software

Focusing on Payroll Software, this guide provides guidance for Financial Directors and all those involved in the process of purchasing new payroll software.

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Top 10 Things to Consider when Purchasing Making Tax Digital Software

Whether selecting software for your own business or whether you are an accountancy practice making recommendations to clients, this guide will help you to select the right software and focuses on Making Tax Digital.

three people on construction site talking next to a table with plans on it

Top 10 Things to Consider when Purchasing Construction Software

With some specific accounting and taxation requirements, as well as business practices needing to be reflected in the software used by a business, this guide will help those in the construction industry to purchase appropriate business software.

Blue EU flag with yellow stars forming a circle around the word GDPR

Top 10 Things to consider to ensure GDPR Compliance

GDPR affects all companies which hold data whether that is of their employees, customers or as a provider of business software. Information must be held securely and must be able to be provided if requested. Learn more with this guide.

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Top Things to Consider when Returning to the Workplace, whilst COVID-19 is still a Threat

Relevant to businesses of all types and sizes this guide offers independent, ‘jargon-free’ guidance on the key areas of consideration for businesses when returning to the workplace, whilst COVID-19 remains a threat.

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