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As the voice of industry for the UK’s business application software developers, BASDA provides a voice for members to government and policymakers on the key issues and challenges impacting businesses like yours.  As a respected and trusted industry body we offer all members a wide range of benefits including championing your issues, networking opportunities, educational webinars, and access to charters, best practice guides and standards that help your business give customers assurance as well as business advantage.   Whether you’re an established business or are just starting out we have a membership grade to suit you.

Ten Reasons to Join BASDA

A highly recognised ‘voice’ for the issues that matter to you: BASDA, as a group, has protected the interests of members with the patent office, government departments and other bodies – an exercise that would be too time-consuming and costly for an individual company.

Time and cost savings in R&D: working as part of Specialist Interest Groups and Working Parties on specific issues, BASDA members benefit from shared knowledge and access to information to keep abreast of developments in standards and legislation and, importantly, interpret their implication on business software.

An extension to your business and personal network of specialists; benefit from the expertise and contacts of others through collaboration.

Increased credibility with potential new customers: BASDA members benefit from signing up to industry-recognised standards, charters and codes of practice that support their supplier profile to end users and tick boxes in the selection process.

Regular member communications from BASDA, including the newsletter BASDA Bytes news round-up of what’s relevant to members.

Access to BASDA LinkedIn Groups for shared insights.

Attendance at any BASDA Specialist Interest Group meeting or networking event.

Promotion of your company profile in the BASDA member directory.

Use of the BASDA logo on your website or in any promotional material, including tender documents.

Attendance to the Annual Summit event to hear from experts on key issues of the day.

Full Membership

For business software developers or allied organisations in a Specialist Interest Group.

A Full Member is:

  • A developer of a recognised business application software product operating as a discrete business entity.
  • Any organisation allied to the business application software industry or part of a Specialist Interest Group whose membership, in the view of the General Council, would further the aims of BASDA in line with its constitution.

A Full BASDA Member can:

  • Vote at meetings of BASDA, where attendees will have one vote for the organisation.
  • Appoint a representative to be its main contact for all administrative purposes of BASDA.
  • Put forward a delegate to stand for election to the BASDA General Council.
  • Enter their own company, news and product details on the BASDA website.
  • Access the Members Area of the BASDA website.
  • Access the Members Knowledge Bank of information.
  • Receive certain BASDA publications free of charge (such as the Newsletter) and other publications (such as Whitepapers) at a concessionary rate.
  • Call upon BASDA to act as arbitrator in the case of disputes.
  • Advertise their membership of BASDA and use the BASDA logo.
  • If able to meet the set criteria, sign up to the BASDA Code of Practice and advertise that.

Associate Membership

BASDA Associate Membership is for organisations who follow the business software industry but whose primary interest may not be in application development. The organisations in this group may have a special interest in business application software for the purposes of industry specific schemes, monitoring BASDA initiatives affecting the private and public sector, or may wish to follow the industry for journalistic or public relations purposes. Examples of organisations who would be considered for membership of BASDA in this category might include media groups, local councils, universities, accountants and payroll bureaux.

An Associate member can:

  • Attend meetings of BASDA but is not entitled to a vote at such meetings.
  • Appoint a representative to be the main contact for administrative purposes of BASDA.
  • Access the Members area of the BASDA website.
  • Receive certain BASDA publications free of charge (such as the Newsletter) and other publications (such as Whitepapers) at a concessionary rate.
  • Advertise their membership of BASDA and use the BASDA logo.
  • Where required contribute to a dedicated area of the BASDA website to support the BASDA activities.

Membership Fees

BASDA Membership fees are payable annually. The fees are based on the member company’s annual revenues and apply for the year from January to December.

Your company membership commences once your invoice is fully paid.

*New members will be charged on a quarterly pro-rata basis.  All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

** Associate membership is available to those bodies who have a genuine interest in our industry but are themselves not commercial software developers. We do not enable companies who wish to join purely to gain access for marketing purposes to our members.



Full Membership Fees

Full Tier Annual Turnover £ Fees £ *
1 0 – £250k £300
2 £250k – £500k £560
3 £500k – £1m £880
4 £1m – £5m £1,800
5 £5m – £10m £3,200
6 £10m – £20m £4,800
7 £20m+ £8,600

Associate Membership Fees

Associate Tier Annual Turnover £ Fees £ **
1 0 – £250k £300
2 £250k – £500k £560
3 £500k+ £1,000

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What our members say

My Digital

We have joined BASDA because we want to formally engage with HMRC (as part of a body rather than as an individual company) on the application of new legislation in the Temporary labour market. Too often legislation is drafted without properly considering the practical implications and this creates complexity, difficulty and, in many cases, tax loopholes. Our intention is to embrace HMRC’s initiatives and make implementation simpler for the users of our software.

My Digital

Access UK

Keeping ahead of legislation and it’s interpretation is a significant challenge for all software vendors. BASDA enables us to have influence on legislation as it emerges, with engagement at the highest level. We also have the benefit of being able to work collectively with other BASDA members on interpretation of regulation – which saves us many days per year.

Access UK Logo

Exportmaster Systems Ltd

Participation in the Marketing Interest Group workshops has proved significantly valuable to us. The expert advice given and knowledge gained have already enabled us to identify several areas capable of immediate improvement and provided guidelines for its achievement. The exchange of detailed information and opinions with other participants, both in open session and in private conversation, has proved particularly helpful.

Export Master Logo


The main driver for joining BASDA was to contribute, be involved, influence and keep up to date with all the legislative and technical changes that could affect Xero customers in any way.

Memorandum and Articles of Association and Constitution

BASDA was incorporated on 22 September 1993.  Since then we have encouraged each member to read our Memorandum and Articles of Association and Constitution as these documents set out the core principles of who we are and the standards we expect our members to abide by.  They are available at: