Data Security

Data and IT security should be on the radar and agenda for every business.  It is one of the most complex and widespread problems we are currently facing in the use of communication and information technology and covers the full spectrum of government, businesses and our daily life.

The scope of Data and IT security is recognised as a specialist area.  Best practices, guidelines, and frameworks like ISO27001/27002 are helping businesses to get a holistic view on this matter.  However dealing correctly with Data and IT security will impact your organisational behaviour and structure, technical infrastructure systems and staffing.

There is no silver bullet, there is only the road of continuous improvement.

A key element of Data and IT security is the continuous protection of personal data. Privacy of personal data (which can also be in written files) must be protected against misuse and theft.  This privacy protection is one of the regulated steps to be taken, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What does it mean for our members?

BASDA members are very familiar with the implications of Data and IT security.
Most of our members develop and maintain software, run IT infrastructure and service their customers with IT solutions.
They need to incorporate Data and IT security into their organisation, products and services and continuously develop and govern this.
Data and IT security is part of the business and requires, besides management commitment, and technology investments, also cultural change.

Commitment from BASDA

We continue to actively understand Data and IT security requirements and GDPR related issues and to keep our members informed accordingly.

With solution oriented recommendations from members and partners we will share our views, solutions and experiences.

We are committed to helping our members achieve the best result for their business and customers.

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