Interoperability & Standards Interest Group is engaging with:

HM Government, software developers and legislative bodies, in the UK and internationally.

Aims & Objectives

To enable BASDA members to make the best use of eBusiness Technology and to facilitate the widest possible adoption of interoperability.

The SIG activities will focus on four key areas:


Standards development, promotion and support, including the BASDA Interoperability Code of Practice


Lobbying Government and other bodies who influence interoperability





Aims & Objectives will be achieved through:



Supporting the BASDA eBusiness Data Standards

  • eBIS-XML open standard for orders and invoices
  • BASDA eBuild-XML standard for the House Building Industry
  • eBis/eBuild XML schemas will be brought back under the wing of BASDA
  • BASDA will maintain and develop the XML Schemas

Lobby Government

To lobby government, the EU and other organisations to promote a viable environment in which eBusiness activities can operate.

Information Sharing

To provide information and advice to BASDA members on eBusiness matters.

Who should get involved

The BASDA Interoperability SIG is relevant to any business software developer who has eBusiness and interoperability as part of their product or roadmap. It is not industry specific as you can see by its current focus, and covers all occasions where BASDA can benefit members by representing them at decision and legislation making level to represent their best interests.

Current Agenda & Successes

Working with Government, and other bodies, in the agreement of eBusiness protocols, interoperability and standards.

BASDA eBusiness Data Standards

  • Adoption of Utilities XML standards by UK Utility Companies.


  • Launch of Interoperability Code of Practice at the House of Commons, 16th April 2013.
  • Support of MPs for Best Practice Guides and eBIS-XML standards.
  • Engagement with HM Gov CTO Liam Maxwell.
  • Speaker at Dept BIS E-Invoicing Summit 9th December 2013.
  • Mention in Government publication: Industrial Strategy: government and industry in partnership.
  • Established links with the UK National E-invoice Forum (UKNEF).

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