BASDA Summit 2023

Thursday 19th October

Wellcome Collection, London


Stronger Together

The Voice of UK Business Software

As a UK trade body, BASDA (The Business Application Software Developers Association) operates through representation and collaboration to ensure that the voice of the UK business software industry is heard by some of the highest levels within UK government, policy-makers and industry media.

Creating Value for our Members

Joining BASDA goes beyond a package of benefits.  It goes much deeper with the advantage felt across your organisation and customers.


BASDA has made a direct and positive impact on the world of its members and their customers for over 25 years.


Involvement in BASDA makes a real difference to the development of its members and their future careers.


Collaboration and shared learning across the BASDA community brings a tangible result for members and their customers.


Thursday 19th October, Wellcome Collection, London.  Join your industry peers and guest speakers for networking and an opportunity to discuss the latest pertinent topics.


Our suite of guides will help organisations make the right choices for their business and run efficient purchasing processes.


Read our latest news, information on new members and other industry updates in our Blog.

BASDA's Annual Summit 2023

Thursday 19th October  –  The Wellcome Collection, London


As a collective and influential industry voice we focus our lens on real issues that matter to our members. We address current issues and influence legislation as it is being formulated, with engagement at the highest levels within regulatory bodies, government, HMRC and industry media. BASDA plays a key role to ensure that business software developers and their customers are at the heart of the conversation.

Our lens is continuously focussed on the key topics impacting our members.  Our current focus is on:

Inclusive Design

Representing and working for members to spearhead ‘inclusive design’ across our products – to the benefit of all businesses and citizens across the private and public sectors who consume such software products and services.

Post Brexit

Understanding the implications of post-Brexit for our industry and ensuring that our members are prepared for the challenges, regulatory changes, timelines, and business opportunities that it brings.


Faster Payments

Understanding the dynamics of this banking initiative to reduce payment times whilst working with our members to address concerns, brief them on latest research and best practices to support their businesses to take advantage from the changing banking requirements.

Data Security

Sharing key insights from research, understanding the benefits, risks and concerns for our members whilst working to influence at the highest levels in government to improve cyber security and Data Protection.

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Our Specialist Interest Groups

BASDA’s established Specialist Interest Groups (SIG) are led by members on behalf of members and address key issues that impact the software industry and our customers.

SIG: Ability

The focus of this SIG is to engage with relevant, key government departments and agencies along with specialists across public and private sectors to develop awareness, create best practice methodologies for inclusive design and accessibility for members and to add value to their brands, propositions and addressable markets.

SIG: Accountants in Practice

Focussing on matters affecting the software products that firms of accountants use and, by extension, their clients. We provide an early introduction to matters in the regulatory and compliance environment.

SIG: Construction

Representing members on the Operational Forum of HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme to contribute to the discussion on the operation of the scheme and ensure software changes are prioritised and appropriately considered.

SIG: Interoperability & Standards

The requirement is for electronic exchange to become the predominant invoicing method by 2020 continues.   BASDA focuses on enabling members to maximise eBusiness Technology and to facilitate the widest possible and seamless adoption and support interoperability.

SIG: Payments & Finance

A forum designed to inform and educate on the best-in-class payment infrastructure and standards for the benefit of our members and their customers. We seek to maintain close links to national and international payment systems and wherever possible, influence the direction of travel and implementation of policy.

SIG: Payroll, Pensions & HR

Representing members at Government decision making level to influence the requirements and legislation being introduced. We provide the opportunities to help influence decision making and implementation, in addition to providing foresight and product planning information vital for development road maps.


Member Focus - Xledger UK

“All BASDA topics are relevant. We recently attended a Making Tax Digital event, which was very useful. The impact of Brexit on the use of standards is something we are looking to BASDA for advice and information on. BASDA certainly keeps us in the loop on important decisions on standards. Xledger UK looks to BASDA to help us ensure compliance is met. A recent webinar on GDPR has proved very helpful for example.”


Our Members

Caliq Software

Through the Financials Interest Group, BASDA has done a great job for the business software community affected by changes to VAT legislation.

Access UK

Keeping ahead of legislation and it’s interpretation is a significant challenge for all software vendors. BASDA enables us to have influence on legislation as it emerges, with engagement at the highest level. We also have the benefit of being able to work collectively with other BASDA members on interpretation of regulation – which saves us many days per year.

Xledger UK

BASDA is our ‘go to’ for all things UK business software compliance and our membership ensures we can remain confident we are providing the best service possible to our clients. The events are insightful and we value our interactions and the BASDA expertise shared.



The main driver for joining BASDA was to contribute, be involved, influence and keep up to date with all the legislative and technical changes that could affect Xero customers in any way.


We are excited to join BASDA and also to have representation on their Ability SIG in the form of Co-chair Adi Latif, one of our Accessibility and Usability Consultants at AbilityNet. So far our interaction with BASDA has been very positive and we have enjoyed contributing member webinars. We look forward to meeting fellow members in due course and discussing ways of collaborating to bring user centred, inclusive and accessible products to market.


Acting Office
JA  (Just Accounts)
Sentinel Technology
On Demand Technology
My Digital
Lakeshore Data Management
Export Master
Access UK
123 Sheets
People’s Partnership
Acorah / Taxcalc
de facto

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News and Insights

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BASDA Annual Summit 2023