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At BASDA we provide a collective industry voice to government and policy makers to support our members on key issues impacting their business.  We also offer a collaborative platform where our community of members share knowledge and experience.  Together we support each other to become more efficient and effective in today’s highly competitive market place.  Don’t take our word for it – hear what our members have to say about BASDA.

Access UK

Keeping ahead of legislation and its interpretation is a significant challenge for all software vendors. BASDA enables us to have influence on legislation as it emerges, with engagement at the highest level. We also have the benefit of being able to work collectively with other BASDA members on interpretation of regulation – which saves us many days per year.

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BASDA is our ‘go to’ for all things UK business software compliance and our membership ensures we can remain confident we are providing the best service possible to our clients. The events are insightful and we value our interactions and the BASDA expertise shared.

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Joining an association like BASDA provides opportunities to network and share information and resources. Leveraging the direct connection BASDA has with HMRC along with at-the-minute updates, blog resources, Specialist Interest Groups as well as access to industry knowledge and trends we believe will add value to our business. This through stimulating innovation and growth and ultimately improving our product and service delivery to our customers.



Causeway Technologies Group

Causeway values its membership of BASDA for the support it provides in collectively addressing the issues and opportunities we face in running our business.

The Specialist Interest Groups allow us to work collectively on subjects of general interest and to make progress well in excess of what we could achieve on our own.

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Caliq Software

Through the Financial Specialist Interest Group, BASDA has done a great job for the business software community affected by changes to VAT legislation.

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Specialist Interest Groups

Lakeshore Data Management

BASDA is the ‘go to organisation’ for ensuring a software and services company can be kept on the inside track of how Government planned legislation could potentially impact their business.  The ability to meet with other businesses through the BASDA forums provides for an insight into shared problems and how they may be overcome.  Also the open dialogue that BASDA offers with our peers will permit us to better understand the current and future business climate of the UK and EU.  Continuing to support BASDA will ensure that our industry continues to engage with Government and related Agencies in a positive and proactive manner. Without BASDA there would be no such engagement.

Lakeshore Data Management

My Digital

We have joined BASDA because we want to formally engage with HMRC (as part of a body rather than as an individual company) on the application of new legislation in the Temporary labour market. Too often legislation is drafted without properly considering the practical implications and this creates complexity, difficulty and, in many cases, tax loopholes. Our intention is to embrace HMRC’s initiatives and make implementation simpler for the users of our software.

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Sentinel Technologies

Sentinel Technologies trust BASDA for providing services whether it’s about Brexit, Cyber Security, Faster Payments, Making Tax Digital. Their services and hard work on behalf of their members especially in the field of R & D helps us to build credibility with new customers.

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On Demand Technology

BASDA has an influential industry voice and focuses on key matters affecting software products that firms of accountants use – in particular, data security, accessibility and inclusive design.

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Exportmaster Systems

Participation in the Marketing Interest Group workshops has proved significantly valuable to us. The expert advice given and knowledge gained have already enabled us to identify several areas capable of immediate improvement and provided guidelines for its achievement.

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The opportunity to network with software developers, keep up to date with new and exciting developments in the sector and also gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges relating to ensuring their products are developed with the broadest audience in mind.

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Joining an association like BASDA provides us the opportunity to be close to the trade body and to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the business software market.

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