Shaping your World

As the only industry association focused specifically on supporting the interests of UK-based business software development organisations, BASDA members  work together to identify the key issues, regulations and policies which will impact product development, sales, support and our customers.

We collaborate as a group, within UK Government and its agencies, and internationally, to set the agenda and shape legislation and regulation so that they can be implemented successfully by our customers using our solutions.

BASDA shares knowledge and experience and offers peer to peer networking within our member organisation.  We focus on our member community, supporting members in becoming more efficient and effective in today’s highly competitive market place.

Members who become most involved can make a real difference, helping their organisations become more successful and also evolving their own experience, skills and career development.

How we influence:

Industry Voice: Championing the issues that matter to members to protect the interests of their organisations and customers.

Interest Groups: Collaborating around key issues, sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience to shape the agenda.

More effective business development: Early-mover advantage on efficient development to support legislative changes.

Talent development and business networks: Expanding contacts and collaboration with peers and business partners.

More cost-effective technical development: Cost and time-savings in bringing software to market.


How to Become a Member

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BASDA: A quarter century of influence

Formed in 1993, BASDA has helped shape policy, legislation and regulation for over 25 years. Below is a timeline of just some of the initiatives where BASDA has been involved. Our focus changes over time and is always directed by what’s important to our members and their customers.

2010 - 2015

2001 - 2010

  • BASDA launched its Green Charter
  • The BASDA Code of Practice was created to set quality standards for the development and supply of business software.
  • BASDA e-Bis XML standard launched to enable e-commerce through the online exchange of orders and invoices.
  • Payrolling Benefits – involvement in a number of iterations of the payrolling of benefits proposals.

2000 - 1993

  • Y2K drove many organisations to implement new Accounting and ERP systems – BASDA provided advice on “How to buy a Software System”.
  • Provided advice and accreditation for how business software systems should handle the launch and adoption of the Euro
  • Implementation of Workplace Pension Reform (Automatic Enrolment).
  • BASDA members were involved in the definition of the PAPDIS data interchange standard between payroll and pension providers to facilitate the reporting of new members and contributions.
  • BASDA (The Business Application Software Developers Association) formed to bring the industry together to speak with one voice around proposed VAT changes which would have had major impacts for our customers and their business systems.

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Find out more about the benefits of BASDA and how to join.