BASDA Charter with UK Government

Recommendations on best practice engagement between BASDA and HM Government

As representative of the UK-based business software industry, BASDA has a wealth of experience in working with the Government and its agencies. This Charter documents the proactive way to best-practice public and private sector collaboration for the IT sector.

  • The UK-based business software industry and HM Government share a common aim to ensure that public and private sector IT projects are as successful as possible.
  • Another shared objective is to boost the take-up of IT and the use of the online environment to ensure that the UK has a modern, competitive business technology infrastructure.
  • Where public policy has an impact on IT systems implemented by our members’ customers, BASDA requests adequate notice for its members to prepare system changes, test, roll these out to customers and have customers implement these changes in line with their own business plans and financial calendars.
  • Consultation needs to start before either side has made irrevocable decisions about the way forward. This requires an openness about future plans – with confidential information sharing.
  • We will collaborate with HM Government to determine the size and scale of the opportunity and issues, enabling a set of desired outcomes to be determined together.
  • BASDA will follow the best practice working methods learned from the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) introduction which delivered a major policy and IT success and won an IT project award within HMRC.
  • BASDA will continue to represent its members so that HM Government can more easily gain a cross-section of views from the industry and see the impact that its actions will have on UK-based IT companies of all sizes.
  • BASDA will make available experts from our members to provide advice to the Government on the best ways to ensure the successful rollout of policy initiatives which have an IT impact.
  • Adequate testing facilities must be provided by HM Government in a timely fashion to ensure the success of policy introductions.
  • We propose a proactive ongoing engagement where consultation means not only hearing but listening.

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