The eBuild-XML standard is an open standard for all Housebuilders, Suppliers and Service Providers to the Housebuilding industry.

Derived from eBIS-XML using a standard extension mechanism, the objective of the standard is to promote the take-up of electronic trading within the Housebuilding community. During the DOT-COM boom it was recognised that there were numerous eCommerce solutions. The major Housebuilders agreed to participate in developing a single electronic standard that would be made freely available. This standard was developed in conjunction with key material suppliers and software developers specialising in this industry. The XML schemas provided to define the Standard are:

  • Order
  • Order Response
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Response
  • Project References (the extension to eBIS-XML)
  • A compatibility schema

Files available on this page have been formally released and are suitable for implementation.

Before downloading the suite

Read carefully the Terms and Conditions given in the BASDA Software Licence before downloading the BASDA eBuild-XML Suite. Downloading the Suite indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in that document and the end-user licence agreement associated with the BASDA eBuild-XML Standard. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, do not download the BASDAeBuild-XML Suite.

BASDA members can obtain a copy of these new standards from info@basda.org.

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