Utilities XML

BASDA Utilities XML has been developed through a collaboration between the Utilities Industry and the Software Industry hosted by @UK PLC at their Aldermaston training centre.

The group built on 18 months of initial work by GS1, and BASDA helped the Utilities to carry the project forward to market from September 2010 through to release of the standard on 15th of November 2011.

The BASDA Utilities XML group’s core contributors were:-

Laser Energy Buying Group carried out the bulk of the work, with @UK supporting in an editorial role on behalf of BASDA and the individual Utilities ensuring that the standard meets the needs of the industry and its customers.

There is a much wider group of supporting organisations drawn from major customers along energy management and other providers.

Current Timeline
  1. Start of Development of the standard 2009
  2. BASDA Development starts September 2010
  3. Release of standard 15 November 2011
  4. Production pilots from February 2012
  5. Launch of standard 15 May 2012

Please contact Ronald Duncan of @UK PLC if your organisation wishes to take part in the pilots.