Making Tax Digital (MTD) Software Solutions


From April 2019 VAT returns must be submitted to HMRC by means of a compatible software solution communicating digitally via HMRC’s API platform.  This means that businesses will be unable to submit manual records after that date and will need to acquire a suitable commercial software product or appoint an agent to submit their VAT returns to HMRC on their behalf. Whilst many businesses may already use some form of software to maintain their VAT records they will need to ensure that their software meets HMRC’s new requirements.  In many cases this will mean the need to source or upgrade software that supports MTD for VAT.

BASDA is sharing the latest information about the providers and software solutions that are compliant with all HMRC requirements and will enable you to keep digital records and to submit information to HMRC.

Choosing software

How an organisation approaches the selection of MTD compatible software will depend on their existing level of technology maturity and their business requirements.  To help choose the right MTD for VAT software solution BASDA has created a free guide to help you select business software. This guide is aimed at accountants in practice and micro/small businesses.  It provides guidance to these firms and their advisors when they are seeking to procure business software to ensure they are MTD for VAT ready.

Click here to download this guide

MTD software providers

HMRC are working with a large number of software suppliers. Many of these suppliers have already demonstrated prototype applications to HMRC. Details of software providers who have MTD for VAT software products available today can be found here:


Software Provider
BASDA Member Status of Software for MTD for VATBridging Software Digital Record Keeping & Submissions Agents/Business Firm size IndustryBusiness SummaryBASDA Code of Conduct Signatory
123 SheetsYAvailable now
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
Accentra Primo Umbrella
NAvailable nowBusinesses Enterprise Recruitment and Contracting Industry
Access Group
YAvailable nowAgents and businesslargeallY
Acorah Software Products Ltd. (TaxCalc)
YAvailable now YNAgents and businessAllAllOver 8,000 accountancy practices use TaxCalc’s award-winning, intuitive, integrated and affordable range of final accounts, tax and practice management tools on PC, Mac and Cloud
Accuman - MTD bridge
NAvailable nowBusinesses SMERecruitment and Contracting Industry
Accuman- Integrated Management Accounts
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses SMERecruitment and Contracting Industry
Algorithm Software
YAvailable nowBusinessesSMEERP
Anagram Systems
YAvailable nowBusinessesSMEAccounts
YAvailable now
BusinessesLargeAccounts & FinancebluQube accounting software ensures mid-large sized organisations have the right tools and insights to drive success. Powerful automation, modern technology and a proven cloud hosting platform is at your disposal to help your business succeed in efficiency and growth. Y
Bottomline Technologies

YAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
BTC Software – BTCHub
NAvailable nowAgentsAllAll
Capium Limited
YAvailable nowAgents and businesses SMEAccounts
Cirrostratus Exedra
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses
Clearbooks plc
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
Construction Industry Solutions (COINS)YAvailable nowBusinesses SMEConstruction Y
YAvailable nowAll ERP - constructionY
Datafile Software Solutions
YAvailable nowNYBusinesses SMEAllAuthor and supplier of flexible modular accounting and business management software.Y
Deloitte VAT
YAvailable nowAgents and businesses Large Enterprise
Caliq Software
YAvailable nowAll ERP
NAvailable nowBusinesses AllAll
Causeway Technologies
YAvailable nowBusinessesLargeERP - constructionY
De Facto
YAvailable nowBusinessesAll ERP
YAvailable nowBusinesses Accountancy Practice
Asprey Solutions
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargeAsset Management
Efile ready
YAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
NAvailable nowBusinesses Small Farming
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
Go Simple Software (Pennine Ventures)
YAvailable nowAgents and businesses All Accountancy Practice
NAvailable nowAgents
Landmark Systems Ltd
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses
Liquid VAT Filer
NAvailable nowBusinesses AllAll
Liquid Software Solutions
YAvailable nowAgents and business SME Accounts
NAvailable nowBusinesses AllAll
YAvailable nowagents and businessesAll Online Account Filing Y
My Digital Accounts
YAvailable nowYYAgents and businesses AllAll
OGL ComputerYAvailable nowNYBusinessesSMEStockist & DistributorsOGL Computer is the author of prof.ITplus, one of the UK’s leading ERP software solutions for stockists, distributors and wholesalers. N
Openda Ltd
YAvailable nowERP
PwC spreadsheetNAvailable nowAgents and businesses LargeEnterprise
Pegasus Software
YAvailable nowBusinessesLargeERP
Quickbooks (Intuit)
YAvailable nowYYAgents and businesses AllAllAccounting software to keep you compliant with MTD for VAT and all aspects of accounting. For Accountants, Bookkeepers and  Small Businesses
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses LargeEnterprise
YAvailable nowBusinesseslargeConstruction
Sage Business Cloud
YAvailable nowAgents and businesses LargeEnterprise
Sapphire Systems
YAvailable nowBusinessesLargeERPY
Simplifi - No Worries
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses AllAll
Technology One
YAvailable nowAllERP
Tex Automation Ltd.
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses LargeEnterprise
Thomson Reuters - Onvio
NAvailable nowAgents
NAvailable nowBusinesses AllAll
NAvailable nowAllAll
Wolters Kluwer
YAvailable nowAgentsallaccountancy practice
Xledger Ltd
YAvailable nowAllERP
Yardi Systems
NIn DevelopmentBusinesseslargeproperty & assett management
PS Financials Limited
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesFinancials Y
NAvailable now
10 Minute Accounts
NAvailable now
Accounts Portal
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
Arkk Solutions
NAvailable now
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses All Bridge Excel - HMRC
Border Software Ltd
NIn Development
Bridge SQ
NIn Development
Advanced Computer Software Group Limited
NAvailable nowAgents and businesses All All
Accounts IQ
NAvailable nowBusinessesAll Business Intelligence
DC Software
NAvailable now
DTracks Limtied
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
Easybuild Construction soft
NAvailable now
Accounting Office Software Ltd.
NIn DevelopmentBusinessesAccounts
Essentia Global Services
NIn Development
Excel Computer Systems
NAvailable now
Farmdata Ltd.
NAvailable now
FinanSys - SunSystems
NAvailable now
Forbes Computer Systems
NAvailable nowAgents All Online Filing
Grant Thornton UK LLP
NAvailable nowBusinessesAccountancy Practice
Hartigan Software
NIn Development
Ibcos Computers Limited
NIn Development
Information DataHub
NIn Development
Integrity Solutions LLP
NAvailable now
KAI Consulting
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
Kerridge Commercial Systems Ltd.
NAvailable now
NIn DevelopmentAgents and business All Payroll
NAvailable nowBusinessesAccountancy Practice
MAM Software Limited
NAvailable now
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
NAvailable nowAll All
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
NAvailable nowAll All
MotorTrade Technologies Limited
NAvailable now
Nation Wilcox Systems Limtied
NAvailable now
Neilson James Technology
NAvailable now
Nomisma Soltuons Ltd.
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
NAvailable now
NIn Development
PwC enterprise
NAvailable now
Rhino Small Business App
NIn Development
Ryan Tax Services UK Limited
NIn Development
Ryan Tech Computer Systems Ltd
NIn Development
NAvailable now
Tax Optimiser
NAvailable now
Tax Systems plc. - AlphaVAT
NAvailable now
Thomson Reuters - ONESOURCE
NAvailable now
Trace Solutions
NAvailable now
Tyresoft Ltd.
NAvailable now
Vertex Global Tax Solutions Vital Code Ltd
NAvailable now
Web Accounting Systems
NIn Development
SDA Logic Limited
NAvailable now
Sovos Compliance
NIn Development
NAvailable now
Croft Computer Systems
NAvailable now
Absolute Accounting Software Ltd.
NIn Development
VT Software
NIn Development
Active Payroll
YIn DevelopmentLarge Payroll Bureau
NIn DevelopmentbusinessesAll Hospitality Industry Software
YIn Developmentagents and businessesAll Letters of Engagement
Creative Navy

YIn DevelopmentBusinesses All Interface Design
NIn DevelopmentBusinesses ERP
NIn DevelopmentStart Up
YIn DevelopmentStart Up
Reckon One
YIn DevelopmentSMEAccounts Software
SCC Pyramid
NIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargePayroll
Corporate Payroll Solutions
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargePayroll
Epicor Software
NAvailable nowBusinessesLargeERP
Capita IB Solutions
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargePayroll
Safe Computing
NAvailable nowBusinessesLargeERP
Merlin Business Software
YIn DevelopmentLargeERP
Giant Precision
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargeWorkforce Management
Frontier Software
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesAllHR & PayrollY
FMP Payroll
NIn DevelopmentBusinessesLargePayroll
Cyberscience Corporation
NIn Development
YIn DevelopmentAgents and businessesAgentsAccountancy Practice
Qtac Solutions
YIn DevelopmentBusinessesAll Payroll Y
Ingenica Solutions
NIn Development
NIn Development
Just Accounts
Available now
B & CE
YNot ApplicablebusinessesAll Pensions
Bottomline Technologies
YNot ApplicablebusinessesLargePayments
Cashflow Manager
YNot ApplicableAll Accounts
YNot ApplicableLargeTracking Expenses
Exportmaster Systems
YNot ApplicableBusinesses ExportingY
NNot ApplicablebusinessesSME Language School Admin
Lakeshore Data Management
YNot ApplicableBusinessesLarge Data Management - logistics & supply chain
Modulr Finance
YNot ApplicablebusinessesAll Payments
Pay Dashboard
YNot ApplicableBusinessesLargeBusiness Intelligence
Personal Audit Systems
YNot ApplicableP11D Expenses
YNot ApplicableAgents and businesses End Ssers & Accountancy PracticesSelf Assessment
Real Asset Management
NNot ApplicableBusinesses LargeAsset Tracking & Management
YNot Applicable n/aNational House Builder
SME Locale
NNot ApplicableBusinesses SMEBookkeeping
YNot ApplicableBusinesses LargeSoftware System Integration
TradeIslands Limited
YNot Applicable n/aRetail Property Management


Software Provider: The name of the company or product as listed by HMRC.  Note that some companies have multiple products and only some may be enabled for MTD VAT and some providers have business names which differ from their product brand names, which are shown in brackets.  

BASDA Member: BASDA members collaborate through various Specialist Interest Groups and Working parties to continuously develop industry standards and processes that give customers assurance as well as a business advantage.

Status of Software for MTD for VAT: Software indicated as available now has already been recognised by HMRC as being ready to submit VAT Returns.  Software indicated as in development has not yet reached that stage but the supplier has indicated their intention to provide a solution.

Bridging Software: Bridging software will submit VAT Returns to HMRC using data imported from spreadsheets or other software.  Transactions are not recorded in the software.  The requirement to keep digital records will need to be satisfied by other software.

Digital Record Keeping & Submissions: Accounting software which keeps the necessary digital records and submits VAT Returns to HMRC can fulfil all your MTD VAT requirements in a single package.

Agents/Business: Some software is designed for businesses to use themselves.  Other software is intended for use by accountancy firms or other agents submitting VAT returns for multiple clients.  Some are equally suitable for both.

Firm Size: This gives an indication of the size of business or accountancy practice for which the software is most suitable.

Industry: Some software is designed for use in particular industries.  Other software is suitable for use in a wide range of industries.  If your industry is not listed then look at entries marked “All”.

Business Summary: These additional details are provided by each BASDA Member to help you choose appropriate software.

BASDA Code of Conduct Signatory: Introduced for members, the BASDA Code of Practice is designed to set quality standards for best practice in the development and supply of business software.  Click on the link for more details.


Legal Disclaimer

BASDA has created this part of our website to provide information that has been made available to us by third-parties. BASDA has used its best endeavours to ensure it is as correct at the time of publishing as it can be. If you are aware of any inaccuracies in the information displayed, please contact BASDA at

If you are considering selecting software to use then we recommend that you follow the information provided at

To better understand our policy on the information provided on the BASDA website please review our full legal disclaimer that can be found at


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