Selecting Business Software Guide

BASDA recognises that choosing the right software for a business is a fundamental decision, but one which is usually done infrequently.

To help organisations make the right choices for their business and to enable them to run efficient purchasing processes, BASDA has produced a new Selecting Business Software guide. This guide brings combined member experience and industry knowledge to help buyers of business software make the right decisions. It offers advice and best practices seen in the procurement of a wide range of systems from Apps through Cloud-based and On-premise solutions by purchasers from start-ups, through SMEs to major corporates and large public sector organisations.

BASDA has built expertise from its range of software vendor members into this guide. The benefits to software buyers using this guide include:

• Organisations will clarify their business objectives and are more likely to select the software which best meets these needs
• Buyers will ask the right questions; to the right vendors; and gain meaningful answers that will lead to the right decisions
• The most efficient purchasing processes and methods will be used – which will save time and money

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