Top things to consider when returning to the workplace, whilst COVID-19 is still a threat


Many businesses are looking for support to help plan for a return to the workplace over the coming months whilst COVID-19 is still prevalent and detail of the various restrictions and timings are evolving. BASDA have produced this guide to help all businesses anticipate and prepare how they safely manage ‘return to work’ scenarios for employees and to plan now for what is likely to be a be phased return to the workplace.

Undoubtedly, re-entry into physical workspaces will be challenging. Meeting the physical safety, social distancing as well as employee situations, preferences, concerns and fears must all be taken into account and will all be critical in supporting employees to rebuild their ‘community’ at work.

This guide identifies the key areas that businesses might consider based on our members’ collective feedback – both as employers and employees (noting that many areas are not mutually exclusive).

It should also be noted that this guide references ‘your premises’ but there are two key variables:

  • Premises which are only accessible to your business; and
  • Premises which you may share with other companies, and so will have to work with the office management company/landlord and possibly other tenant companies.

This should not be read as a definitive guide. As more detail emerges and circumstances evolve so too will this guide. Updates will be published with version number, date and easily identifiable updated narrative.

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Top things to consider when returning to the workplace

whilst COVID-19 is still a threat

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