Tell us about BrightTax

Bright Tax LogoBrightTax offers a suite of cloud-based tax and accounting solutions that ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with tax regulations for both businesses and individuals. Users can speed up UK tax and compliance processes by utilising our integrations with HMRC, Companies House, and bookkeeping software.

When did you join BASDA?

June 2023


What was the reason for joining BASDA?

We’re passionate about our industry and want to improve our business and the wider environment in which we operate. We recognise that BASDA offers members and the environment to network and collaborate on mutual concerns and that the collective voice is more powerful than anyone in isolation.

Furthermore, we’re looking forward to meeting others in this space and expanding our network whilst sharing and learning about the initiatives and experiences of others.


What value do you hope BASDA will bring to your business?

Primarily we want to stay abreast of forthcoming changes affecting our business and our clients. Secondly, we want to develop as a business continually and we’ll achieve this by networking with other members.


Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in?

Making Tax Digital


What are the current challenges within your industry and can BASDA help your company as the voice of industry?

Again, MTD would be the primary challenge within the industry currently. We would be looking for the opportunity to engage in conversation about this and for BASDA to give back the collective thoughts to those in a position of influence.


Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

Having worked within the industry for many years, we can assist other members with advice.


You can find out more information on the BrightTax website.

We look forward to hearing their views and supporting them as a member.

If you are not already a member of BASDA you can find more information on how to join on our BASDA membership page