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PayFit LogoAs Europe’s leading cloud-based payroll solution, PayFit offers all the tools you need to manage and pay your people. PayFit simplifies and automates your payroll and HR processes including payments, HMRC submissions, benefits reporting and more. Payroll gets done in just a few clicks.

PayFit’s Payroll expert, Rebecca Russell, tells us more.

When did you join BASDA?

March 2024


What was the reason for joining BASDA?

I joined BASDA to connect with other payroll software developers and help support better understanding of complex and ever-changing payroll legislation. Having a second pair of eyes through collaboration is invaluable. Additionally, my experience across various payroll roles (in-house, bureau, software technical support, etc.) provides a unique perspective that I hope to contribute to BASDA discussions.


What value do you hope BASDA will bring to your business?

BASDA membership offers several key benefits for our business. Firstly, it allows us to collaborate with other payroll software developers to ensure we’re all interpreting complex legislation consistently. It fosters a more unified industry approach and benefits our customers by reducing confusion around payroll calculations.
Secondly, BASDA provides a platform to engage with government bodies directly. Together, we can advocate for clearer guidance and more developer-friendly implementation timelines for legislative changes. Ultimately, our goal is to build the most efficient and compliant payroll software possible, and BASDA’s resources and connections will be invaluable in achieving that.


Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in?

Payroll legislation is my area of interest at BASDA. I secretly enjoy the challenge of unpicking complex mid-year legislative changes and complicated calculations, but sometimes, it’s just too much at once. BASDA’s role in advocating for clearer guidance and more developer-friendly timelines from government bodies is crucial.


What are the current challenges within your industry and can BASDA help your company as the voice of industry?

The biggest challenge in our industry is keeping pace with constantly evolving payroll legislation, particularly when changes are introduced mid-year. This disrupts development cycles and makes it difficult for employees to understand their payslips. I believe BASDA’s collective voice can remind government bodies to consider the impact on software development and provide clearer guidance.


Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

My experience in software support, processing in-house and outsourced payrolls across different payroll software, has shown me the weird and wonderful scenarios that payroll software users encounter (all of which are found to be legislatively correct). I hope that sharing these ‘real-world’ situations within BASDA can help ensure we have the knowledge necessary to provide robust software solutions and address a wider range of needs.


You can find out more information on the PayFit website.

We look forward to hearing their views and supporting them as a member.

If you are not already a member of BASDA you can find more information on how to join on our BASDA membership page