Franco BeschizzaBASDA is delighted to welcome mobile industry expert, Franco Beschizza as a keynote speaker at the BASDA Summit on 17th May 2016

Digital technology has already transformed many aspects of our lives, but even more radical changes are on their way.

Thanks to mobile devices, digital technology is ever present in all aspects of our lives, opening up a new era of opportunity, and with it, new challenges for business.

The expectations of consumers and employees are increasing; a behavioural revolution is underway, and this rapid rate of change is leaving established businesses struggling to keep pace in the new interconnected world.

Businesses need to think differently about digital, shifting to a more ‘horizontal’ mode with a focus on integration of services and data, to be able to provide the kinds of products and services demanded by the new types of businesses – and consumers – that are emerging.

The digital revolution has only just begun. How will it impact our daily working lives? What will this mean for business service development?  Could technology even redefine what “being human” means?

About Franco Beschizza

Franco Beschizza is an independent digital/mobile consultant with over twenty years in business as a leader and marketing professional. He pushes the boundaries to create flexible solutions to complex problems and consistently uses his energy and knowledge to deliver innovative solutions to problems.

He works with senior leadership teams with leading FTSE100 companies such as British Gas, NPower, Orange and Ford and for the UK Government covering digital, mobile, and technology in B2C, B2B and B2E businesses.

He is also a guest lecturer to UK and International students at post-graduate level in eMarketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Media at Middlesex University Business and Innovation School.

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