Brigid McBride OBEBASDA welcomes back Brigid McBride OBE to present to members at the Summit event on 17th May, where she will provide an update on HMRC APIs – following up on Mark Dearnley’s presentation at last year’s Summit event.

About Brigid McBride OBE:

In her role as Deputy Director, HMRC Digital Service, Brigid is responsible for transforming the way HMRC’s systems link up with the tax and business software products many of the Department’s customers choose to use. Last year Brigid launched a bold and ambitious strategy that will see HMRC move to an ‘API-first approach’ to developing new services. She is guiding the Department’s journey from a submissions-only service to increasingly sophisticated interactions with third party software. Her teams are working closely with the developer community to set priorities, foster innovation and bring new players into the marketplace.

Brigid joined the Civil Service in 1987 and has been instrumental in delivering significant, high profile transformational projects both in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and in HMRC. These include shaping HMRC’s move to PAYE reporting in real time (Real Time Information or RTI), and delivering the pilots of flagship HMRC digital services that are transforming the way it interacts with its customers.

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