Barcode headThe forthcoming implementation of Identity Assurance is the biggest change to the way that we, as software developers, help our customers to submit forms to HMRC.


In stages, starting from October 2014, services that currently rely upon the Government Gateway are going to be transferred to the new process at the start of their submission cycle.

BASDA are now engaged directly with the Cabinet Office at a strategic level, as well as the on-going work with HMRC regarding the prospective implementation level.

The Cabinet Office would like to draw upon BASDA members’ collective expertise to formulate terms of engagement and shape both business-to-government along with authority management requirements plus the core (IDA) service development.

Further meetings with the Cabinet Office are scheduled within the next few weeks.

Kevin Hart, BASDA Chairman emphasises the important role BASDA has to play in influencing the operational systems and interface with HMRC:

“The introduction of Identify Assurance will affect all members’ systems that work with HMRC and Companies House. BASDA, through the IDA working party, now has the greatest opportunity to help shape the strategy which we, as software developers, will then need to implement. Please share with your network across the industry so we can act as one, to the benefit of all.”

The IDA Working Party is being led by Steve Checkley, Commercial Director at BASDA member Acorah Software.

Notes from the last meeting at the Cabinet Office on 30 July 2013 are available from the  BASDA IDA LinkedIn Group.

Make sure you stay involved!

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Cabinet Office Draft Identity Assurance Principles