Tell us about PayCaptain


PayCaptain brings together AI-powered technology and specialist expertise to provide a complete payroll and employee payments solution for companies who recognise the importance of financial wellbeing in their workforce. Our cloud software enables a modern, flexible & optimised payroll process to reduce processing time for employers and revolutionise the employee experience.

When did you join BASDA

March 2023.

What was your reason for joining BASDA?

We’re a highly innovative business that likes to do things differently.  We are passionate about change and shaping the future of payroll and the getting paid experience and felt BASDA would support this.

What value do you hope BASDA will bring to your business?

Influence over the industry and a forum for working with other like-minded businesses.  Having a say and what we can offer when it comes to proposed changes to legislation.

Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in?

We are very interested in Payroll, Pensions & HR, the world of Faster Payments and Payments and Finance.

What are the current challenges within your industry and how can BASDA help your company as the voice of industry?

Payroll is a stagnant world riddled with inefficiency, button pressing, report running and excel hell. Lots of cheap, clunky software products make payroll processing painful, long-winded and costly to businesses.  They offer no benefit to the employee and their situation and yet they are the end result and very much a customer too.

The industry is fearful of change, stagnated and risk-averse, so the trend is to stick in a very uncomfortable comfort zone and we want to change that.  We want businesses to embrace the latest technologies, put their employees financial well-being and invest in better solutions that support their business and values.

Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

We can support with payroll best practice and with decades of Payroll Bureau experience we can offer lots of advice around efficiencies, software/service providers and how to overcome challenges.

You can find out more information on the PayCaptain website.

We look forward to hearing their views and supporting them as a member.

If you are not already a member of BASDA you can find more information on how to join on our BASDA membership page