A new auto-enrolment (AE) data standard will be launched at the Annual Payroll and Pensions Conference and Exhibition on 9 October.

The Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard (PAPDIS) aims to overcome managing the collation and transfer of data for AE – which is one of the biggest operational challenges facing employers because they may need to provide data in multiple formats depending on the complexity of their situation and the number of third parties they need to link to.

iStock_000012348945MediumBASDA has been involved in this initiative through the HR & Payroll SIG headed by its chair, Alex Rowson of QTAC and vice-chair Pauline Green of Intuit.

Alex Rowson comments:

“The launch of the Payroll and Pensions Data Interface Standard (PAPDIS) on Friday 9th October is the first stage of an initiative instigated by the DWP and the Pensions Regulator in their Software Developers Forum. The formation of the Pensions BIB group, made up of representatives from the Pensions industry and the existing Payroll Industry BIB representative bodies (BASDA, IReeN and BCS), has managed to get the Payroll and Pensions industries to collaborate to start building sufficiently automated solutions to address the implementation issues being faced by payroll bureaux and accountants, as well as small and micro employers.

There has been a steep learning curve for both industries as the intricacies of the data requirements have been examined and a pragmatic solution proposed. It is hoped that additional standards are put in place to allow automation of other data transfers that are part of the Auto-Enrolment process.

It is very welcome that Origo, the standards body for the UK financial services industry, is actively supporting the standard by providing technical support and also actively looking to how they can provide the PAPDIS standard as a free-to-use offering within the framework of their existing suite of Auto-Enrolment standards.

It is hoped that a swift uptake of the standard by both industries will lead to a smoother journey into AE Pensions for employers and their agents.”

Kevin Hart, BASDA Chair, comments:

“What a great showcase of the software industry working in harmony with the pensions industry!!

We managed to ‘earn our colours’ when we also worked together driving a much more pragmatic solution for RTI and now we’ve really ‘raised our game’ by collaborating in such a way that will make life ultimately easier for our members and, most importantly, their customers.

I’m very grateful to all our members who have actively participated here – particularly the leadership and contributions provided by Alex Rowson (of QTAC) – our HR & Pensions SIG chair – along with his deputy, Pauline Green (of Intuit).

Now the hard work really begins – getting PAPDIS embedded in our relevant members’ solutions and the Pension provider’s systems, all in time for the next big step of staging employers in summer 2015.

Onwards & upwards!!!”

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