Great, free aid for businesses looking for guidance when purchasing payroll software

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For many businesses payroll tends to be a specialised role with ever growing and changing demands – particularly regulatory.  This includes the requirement to submit PAYE information (RTI) online to HRMC each time firms make a payroll payment, as well as meeting auto enrolment pension obligations. Consequently, the payroll process (and so, solution) must be compliant, easy to manage and fully integrated with HMRC’s systems. To help businesses who are seeking a simple, reliable, compliant and flexible payroll software solution, BASDA has leveraged its members’ expertise to deliver this new guide.

This straightforward Guide is applicable to almost all businesses, including advisers such as accountants and bookkeepers, offering independent ‘jargon-free’ guidance on the key areas of concern for businesses when purchasing a payroll software solution.

Kevin Hart, Chairman of BASDA said: “If you are (or will be) running payroll within your business, you need a capable and compliant payroll software solution to be assured that you are undertaking all your duties correctly (and effectively).  Following the success of our suite of best practice guides on selecting Business Software, we have expanded these to include this valuable, independent and very digestible guide. We have again leveraged our collective knowledge of the subject, addressing key common questions asked by businesses to bring this free, invaluable reference aid to market for businesses of all shapes and sizes needing a little extra impartial help & guidance.”

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