The Business Application Software Developers Association (“BASDA”) today (Monday, 5th March) announce the launch of their new Selecting Business Software Guide.

This extensive 24 page Selecting Business Software Guide provides objective direction and guidance for business software buyers giving them practical advice and steps on how to effectively choose the right software to meet their business requirements.

How to Choose the Right Business Software for your Company

Typically, organisations will make a significant investment when purchasing new business software but grapple to understand what is actually right for their business. This Guide offers straight forward advice and best practices ensuring the most efficient purchasing processes and methods are used across a diverse range of systems from Apps through Cloud-based and On-premise solutions. Its content will be relevant for purchasers of all sizes from start-ups, through SMEs to major corporates and large public sector organisations ensuring that the investment is made on the basis that the business needs are being fully understood and the right due diligence is being carried out.

Software Purchasing Selection Process

Providing a practical framework and parameters on how to go about the software procurement selection process the Guide maps out how to turn business objectives into system requirements. It also defines the role of G-Cloud in the process, how to run an effective selection process, how to best utilise the RFx approach and online eTendering software for larger procurements as well as hints and tips on how to evaluate the application and potential vendors. Ultimately this Guide will help purchasers develop a simple evaluation framework to ensure their business makes the right final buying decision.

Kevin Hart, Chairman of BASDA said: “Simply selecting a “market leader” can often result in the wrong software application purchasing decision for a business. BASDA’s members have collective experience of thousands of selection processes each year and using this experience have collaborated to bring together best practice and direction within this Guide.

The aim of the Selecting Business Software Guide is to help businesses make the right purchasing decision by providing a structured approach to the software selection process – whatever the size of business solution required. We hope it will prove to be an invaluable reference guide for every organisation that needs to make important software purchasing decisions to help them meet their business objectives in the best way.

We plan to follow-up on this comprehensive guide – leveraging our members’ wealth of combined experience and industry knowledge – with more focused guides for businesses looking for smaller systems, apps and very particular software applications, and so help such buyers make the right decisions.”

Download your copy of Selecting Business Software Guide here.



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