BASDA announces the next instalment and important update to its successful guide

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In government communication set out to ease the current COVID-19 restrictions, it also emphasised that the implementation and relaxation of lockdown measures will need careful planning and execution. It is clear that any return to normal working life will be gradual and implemented on a phased basis. With the ongoing risk of COVID-19 resurgence and continued uncertainty, re-entry into the physical workspace will undoubtedly be challenging for both management and employees and it is now, more than ever, prudent for businesses to consider and plan for all current and future scenarios as a priority.

This latest updated guide is a must-read for businesses of all types and sizes.  To date, it has been very well received by BASDA members, their customers and partners, as well as the wider business and professional communities.

Continually assessing the business risks, constraints, limitations, individual circumstances, as well as personal needs and preferences, is critical to every business in creating and implementing dynamic plans, whilst recognising the possibility of a future wave.

BASDA has leveraged its members’ collective insights, as they themselves serve many thousands of businesses – sharing challenges and successes from both employer and employee perspective. This collective knowledge has enabled BASDA to provide comprehensive support in developing a return to work plan, adapting working arrangements, communicating with employees and identifying potential risks.  With guidance on the key areas of consideration for all businesses when returning to the workplace, the guide is filled with practical direction on areas to consider including phased return, adhering to risk management, IT systems, social distancing, health & wellbeing of employees, re-orientation programmes, rebuilding workplace morale and scenario planning.

Kevin Hart, Chairman of BASDA said: “As guidance from government continues to evolve with phased reopening of businesses, employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and other people on site.  We have updated the original guide to incorporate further guidance on risk assessment and IT systems enabling businesses make sensible adjustments to the workplace. We have been overwhelmed with the feedback we have received on the original guide, which we issued in May 2020. Our ongoing objective is that this guide, and future updates, will continue to support businesses to build and implement their own roadmaps and enable them re-enter the workplace with confidence and resilience to navigate through the challenges of the current environment and prepare them for future scenarios.”

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