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COVID-19 is likely to remain a significant threat and business risk for the remainder of 2020 and possibly beyond. Furthermore, the timing and full detail of Government imposed restrictions being lifted, allowing employees to return to their workplace, are fluid and are likely to be announced and introduced on a phased basis.  Re-entry into the physical workspace will undoubtedly be challenging for both management and employees. It is therefore prudent for businesses to consider and plan for all scenarios as a priority.

This straightforward Guide is relevant to businesses of all types and sizes and offers independent ‘jargon-free’ guidance on the key areas of consideration for businesses when returning to the workplace, whilst COVID-19 remains a threat.  It offers practical direction on areas to consider including phased return, adhering to social distancing, health & wellbeing of employees, re-orientation programmes, rebuilding workplace morale and scenario planning.

Kevin Hart, Chairman of BASDA said: “As government authorities strive to implement business reopening measures, employers are now having to plan to move employees back into the workplace, and probably on a phased basis as COVID-19 restrictions are modified. This is placing an onus and potentially a significant burden and risk on employers to do the right thing as they bring their workforce back (cognisant that the ‘remote working model’ may be with a number of employees for some time to come).   We have leveraged our members’ collective insights, as they themselves serve hundreds of thousands of businesses – sharing matters here from both an employers and employee perspectives, – addressing current key concerns and considerations in order to bring this free, invaluable reference aid to market for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We anticipate that as Government guidance and restrictions evolve so too will this document, ensuring it is a live and timely guide for those businesses that use it as a reference point.”

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