In conversation with Christopher Wales, Director

Tell us about ClickTick Digital

ClickTick Digital Ltd was founded to provide Accountants and Bookkeepers with a software resource that is designed and built to solve problems that Accountants and Bookkeepers in Practice suffer, incurring time and cost losses during the Client Onboarding Process but also, to assist and grow their understanding, interpretation and importance of a Letter of Engagement for their practice.

What Products and Services do you provide?

ClickTick Docs® is a software solution for Accountants & Bookkeepers to efficiently generate, effective and relevant ‘Letters of Engagement’. ClickTick Docs® is a ‘Software as a Service’ application that users access on an annual license / subscription basis to organise and collate their clients’ details and easily draft client correspondence tailored to that specific client.  

When did you join BASDA?

ClickTick Digital joined BASDA in February 2018 as we prepared for our official launch on 6th April 2018, what better day to launch than the first day of the new financial year!

What was the reason for doing so?

To be a part of BASDA is an amazing opportunity for ClickTick and we will be a proud ambassador to spread the good work and be involved in what BASDA does for the UK Business Software Industry. Ultimately, this includes in being at the forefront of conversation, consultation and influencing change in a digital future. Why would you not want to be a part of that!

What value do you hope BASDA will bring to your business:

Relevant, timely and accurate updates straight from the front line of change is what BASDA will mean to ClickTick, a professional organisation we can be a part of and use to push ourselves forward for change and opportunities in the digital world. ClickTick hopes to bring value to BASDA as a proactive member and be involved where required.

Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in and why?

ClickTick Digital are interested in the whole array of software used for accounting, taxation and business that is impacted by the everchanging world of technology and digital advances for the future on how we collect, process and report on data, including Brexit and Making Tax Digital for starters.

What are the current challenges within your industry and do you hope BASDA can help your company as the voice of industry?

As with any new start-up in business, you need to be heard to be seen and to be found, and this is our challenge over the next 12 months of launching to the market.  Not only are we new to the market as a new product but change has to be accepted and absorbed as we progress, so we are in a perpetual period of change and updates.

Are you an active member of any of BASDA’s SIG groups? If so which one and why?

Currently we are not, but we aim to change that very quickly and become involved in ‘Making Tax Digital’ and ‘Accountants in Practice’.

Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

As a new member, I don’t think advice is what we can offer, but what we can offer is over 25 years of Accountancy Experience and Knowledge of the industry and its’ software. Sharing information and experience is a joy.


Are you are business software application developer? There are so many benefits to joining BASDA as you have read above. Find out more about how BASDA can help your business – Benefits of joining BASDA. Or you can give us a call on 01494 868030 to find out more.