Our Member of the Month feature celebrates our members and the work they do. This month we’re taking a look at our new member Lakeshore Data Management Limited – in conversation with Bill Pugsley, Executive Chairman & CEO EMEA

Tell us about Lakeshore Data Management

Lakeshore Data Management (LDM) is an information services and technology company specialising in global supply chains.

Data is at the core of everything we do. We collect, transform, analyse and deliver it to our clients as Cloud-based subscription services.

We capture transaction data, images and sensor data and transform it into actionable information. We collect and secure it at source, in real-time (wherever possible) with little or no impact on clients’ existing systems or operations.

Since information without action is valueless, we also offer our considerable industry expertise to help our clients use the information we create to streamline their processes, improve services, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Our services address the needs of multiple industry sectors, and Governments, around the world.

Our subscription services include:

• Data Sharing & Analysis
• Real-Time Inventory
• Deals, Promotions & Rewards
• Automated Tax Compliance
• Ordering & Replenishment
• Collaborative Replenishment
• Environment Management
• Consulting

When did Lakeshore Data Management join BASDA?


Why did Lakeshore Data Management join BASDA?

BASDA is the ‘go to organisation’ for ensuring a software and services company can be kept on the inside track of how Government planned legislation could potentially impact their business.

Additionally, the ability to meet with other businesses through the BASDA forums provides for an insight into shared problems and how they may be overcome.

What value do you hope that BASDA can bring to your business?

The open dialogue that BASDA offers with our peers will permit us to better understand the current and future business climate of the UK and EU.

Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in and why?

Our business covers a wide spectrum and thus we have an interest in most of the areas that BASDA is championing.

What are the current challenges within your industry and how is BASDA helping your company as the voice of industry?

There still seems to be a lack of appreciation by official Government Bodies and Public Agencies that information technology can achieve much more than is often expected. We often see the people who make the decisions are actually afraid to embrace change in that they seek to replicate paper / manual based systems without embracing what technology can actually deliver.

Are you an active member of any of BASDA’s SIG groups? If so which one and why?

Although not currently a member of any SIG we hope to participate within a number of them in 2018.

Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

Continuing to support BASDA will ensure that our industry continues to engage with Government and related Agencies in a positive and proactive manner. Without BASDA there would be no such engagement.

More information can be found about Lakeshore Data Management Limited on their website: http://www.lakeshoredata.com/

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