Our Member of the Month feature celebrates our members and the work they do. This month we’re taking a look at our member Exportmaster Systems – in conversation with Chris Hensher, Managing Director

Tell us about Exportmaster Systems

Exportmaster Systems Limited has been developing software for the exporting and international trade sector since 1985. Its main customer sectors are medium to large manufacturers, large retail organisations, distribution and logistics companies and international trading companies of all sizes. Installations are usually linked to clients’ ERP, financial or warehouse management software, although smaller traders often use Exportmaster as their primary business system.

Three main software packages are offered. Exportmaster ShipShape is targeted specifically at export documentation, administration and procedures. Exportmaster Professional covers these functions too but also encompasses sales, costings, pricing and more general export management. Exportmaster TOPS is a complete international trading system with facilities for back-to-back dealing, product sourcing, supply management and stock handling.

When did Exportmaster Systems join BASDA?

The company joined BASDA many years ago when the organisation was still known as the Business & Accounting Software Developers Association.

Why did Exportmaster Systems join BASDA?

Our highly specialised business was rather different from that of the usual BASDA member so we were not really looking to benefit to any great extent from the organisation’s output in the financial and taxation areas. Our motivation at the time was primarily to have contact with the vendors of products such as ERP with which Exportmaster would normally expect to be integrated or working alongside. We also felt that membership of a respected trade association would give reassurance to prospective clients.

What value does BASDA bring to your business?

Over the years we have found that the anticipated contact with other vendors at BASDA meetings has indeed been useful. However, we have also benefited from information issued by the Association especially in the area of VAT and Intrastat, despite the way in which VAT affects exporters being rather different from the home-market equivalent. As BASDA has become better known and recognised by government bodies, the value of being able to declare our membership will also have grown in proportion in the eyes of purchasers.

Are there any particular topics that BASDA is championing that you are particularly interested in and why?

We anticipate that, in the wake of Brexit, some complex situations will arise regarding VAT and (if it continues in some form) Intrastat. We would expect to be seeing activity and information from BASDA in this area. Brexit is certainly the major issue affecting our exporting clients at this time.

Are you an active member of any of BASDA’s Special Interest Groups? If so which one and why?

We have attended meetings of the marketing SIG, the content of which has certainly proved helpful. However, equally useful has been learning about the experience of other members of the group. An example was finding out what rate of appointment-making had been achieved by outsourced telemarketing companies working for other vendors. We had previously been unable to judge how well or badly our contractor was doing – rather well, as it turned out!

Can you offer any advice to BASDA members?

We are always happy to talk to anybody confronted by the undoubted challenges of export documentation and management, whether exporters or software providers. With 30-plus years’ experience in the sector, we can usually come up with some sensible advice, whether it involves our software or not.


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