Lakeshore Data Management (LDM) is an information services and technology company specialising in the collection of information to facilitate Big Data analytics. Founded in Canada it now has operations in the UK, USA, Ireland & Australia. Originally the business was focused on the retail/distribution supply chain by collecting raw data in real-time from retail outlets and other sources (transactions, images, sensor data); and then transforming it into actionable information (alerts, business analytics, supply chain data, scan data, fiscal data).  These services are now augmented with its Automated Tax Compliance Service (ATCS) that allows the collection of taxation data in (or near) real-time with many additional benefits for both the taxation agency and the tax payer. LDM helps its clients use the information that is ‘mined’ to streamline their business processes, reduce cost and improve profitability. You can find out more information on their website:

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